The second week home

The second week my son in law had to go out of town so I got to bond with both daughter and granddaughter one on one and spend alittle more one on one time with my granddaughter.  I stayed at my daughter’s home this time, not the inlaws, as it did not interfere with parent time with their little girl. 

My daughter has amazed me at what a wonderful and natural mother she is.  She is relaxed, competent, very maternal and attentive to her baby.  I just remember how nervous I was as a new mom and uncertain, and I am overjoyed at my daughter’s easy transition into this new role. 

My granddaughter is an easy baby, she sleeps alot, is not fussy and that gave me great comfort for my daughter’s sake since she had to return to work after 3 months maternity leave. 

Toward the end of my stay my daughter and I had a bad argument and I left, only to return and we talked like we haven’t in ages.  She expressed some things she had been feeling and I did likewise.  We both agreed to forgive each other and bury the past and since then, we have gotten along wonderfully.  Only a week or so before this I had gone to a healing mass at my church and asked God to heal our relationship.  I never dreamed that He would answer my prayers so quickly.


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